Monday 2/20 is our big Read-A-Thon kick-off!

Teachers are sending home your child's paper to tell you how to get him/her registered. We need all students registered by Friday of this week so that we can begin logging minutes Monday!

To register--go to
Click on Sign in, and then readers.
At the bottom click on "Need to register? Click here"
Type in the code provided for you on the sheet from school.
Type in your child's name and select it from the drop down.
You will then be prompted to send text messages, emails, and post to Facebook, making the fundraising portion even easier!

Remember--regardless of fundraising status, we need ALL students registered to participate with a parent's email address so we are able to log minutes. We will be logging minutes at school as well as you logging them for your child at home.

We are so excited to get started!