Putnam County Schools will implement a Staggered Re-Entry for the first two weeks of “in-person” school. The Staggered Re-Entry allows dedicated time with reduced numbers for the implementation of travel patterns within schools, transportation bus route adjustments, breakfast and lunch cafeteria procedures, and teaching of safety protocols.

Students attending school in-person have been organized into two groups. Group One, BLUE, are students with last names beginning with the letters A-K. Group Two, GREEN, are students with last names beginning with the letters L-Z.

For example, if a student’s name is Sally Jones, she will be color-coded as BLUE since all last names beginning with A - K will be assigned to the BLUE group. Sally will attend school on the days that have been assigned to BLUE students.

If your children have different last names, contact your child’s school to request he or she moved to a different group so that both of your children attend school on the same day(s). For example, if your children have last names Jones (BLUE) and Wilson (GREEN), you may request that both children attend school on the same day (either BLUE or GREEN).

View the PCS Staggered Re-Entry Plan & Schedule HERE.


In order to ensure each school facility has adequate time to social distance students upon arrival, serve student breakfast, and to provide extra time to sanitize and prepare for the day, all Putnam County Schools will delay the student start time of the school day during the 2020-21 school year by 30 minutes.

For example, if your student would usually board his or her bus at 6:15 am, this year, he or she would board at 6:45 am. Another example, for those that chose to transport their student to school, if you would typically drop your student off at 7:30 am, you would now drop off at 8:00 am.

This time adjustment is only for school-day start times for students. School dismissal times remain the same. For school-specific start time questions, please contact your student’s school for further guidance and information.

PCS Bus Route Information can be found HERE.

You can also access bus routes on the PCS App, PCS Connect, by selecting the left top menu tab, DOCUMENTS, Parents, and Bus Routes. 

The times listed in the Bus Route Document will be 30 minutes later than what is specified. You will find instructions on how to locate your child’s bus within the document.

For school start time questions, please contact your student’s school. If you have a specific bus route question, please contact your student’s Bus Area Coordinator listed in the Bus Routes Document.