Contact School

Have a question or concern? Need to contact the office or a teacher about an assignment or upcoming event? Please feel free to send us an email, call, or book an appointment and we can help go over any pressing issues or concerns you might have.

General Information:

  • Address: 11883 Winfield Road
  • School phone: 1-304-586-3072
  • School fax: 1-304-586-0920


Principal Matt Shock

Assistant Principal Janice Luikart

Secretary Julie Kelley (Finances)

Secretary Sherri Mears (Child Nutrition and Attendance)

Marcel Naylor, Counselor 6th and 8th (M-Z)

Leigh Anne Page, Counselor 7th and 8th (A-L)

Nurse Danielle Ross

Psychologist Angela Sullivan

To contact a teacher:

  1. Find out the teacher's email address located in the in the Staff Directory on the main homepage.
  2. If email is not an option, dial 1-304-586-3072 and talk to the secretary.