School Closings

Emergency closing information is posted on the front page of the website under Quick Links. Closings are also posted on the "School Closing Hot Line" at 586-0500, extension 4.

The Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with state road officials, maintenance, and transportation directors, bus drivers, and parents in different parts of the county, assesses road and school conditions before making the crucial decision about emergency school closings. When road conditions are unsafe due to snow, ice, or flooding, school will be canceled. Schools may also be closed due to failure of mechanical or electrical equipment, heating, fuel shortages, epidemics, or other circumstances having to do with the health, safety, and welfare of students. If students must be sent home during the school day, they will be released from school to return home in the regular manner, unless the school has been notified otherwise by the parents in advance.

If a bus is unable to make a morning run due to bad weather or emergency conditions, the bus may not run in the afternoon. Parents who arrange for a child's transportation to school in the morning should also arrange for transportation home in the afternoon. Failure of a bus to run is considered an excused absence.

Emergency closing notifications are sent out via the following methods:

  • PCS Twitter account (link at bottom of page)
  • WVDE School Closings
  • PCS Facebook (link at bottom of page)
  • PCS Connect/PCS Messages voice and email alert
  • PCS Instagram (link at bottom of page)
  • WSAZ TV 3
  • WCHS TV 8
  • WOWK TV 13
  • WV Public Broadcasting