Board of Education

Our Vision
"Achieving Excellence"

Our Mission
The mission of Putnam County Schools, working with parents and community, is to establish a system characterized by cooperation, collaboration, and innovation, in which a guaranteed curriculum is taught by all teachers and mastered by all students. Furthermore, the staff accepts the responsibility to foster students’ unique abilities and to develop student accountability for personal good health, positive attitudes, and responsible behavior.

Core Beliefs

  • Every student can learn and deserves an equitable, quality education.
  • Every school must provide a safe, nurturing environment that promotes learning.
  • Our curriculum and instruction must be appropriate and challenging to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Our expectations must be high to result in high achievement.
  • Our homes, schools, and community must share responsibility for the education of our students.
  • We must provide the appropriate resources and support to prepare students for success in a diverse and changing world.
  • We must provide high quality professional development to create an effective learning community.