View Putnam County Schools' current practices and procedures in place (Safe to Stay Open School Infographic) for school facilities/in-person attendance HERE.


  • If students change classrooms, desks and frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized in classrooms when classes are changed.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for all staff and students to use as they enter the classroom.
  • Tissues will be available for students in each classroom.
  • Face coverings will be required when proper social distancing cannot be achieved in the classroom (grade level variations).

Entering/Exiting School Buildings

  • All students, staff, and visitors will enter and exit the building through designated points.
  • Building staff are to report directly to their assigned work areas and prepare to receive students.
  • Pick up and drop off procedures will be developed by building level administrators. Parents will be required to remain outside of the building to receive students.

Hallway Procedures

  • All hallway traffic will socially distance with travel lanes clearly marked. When social distancing cannot occur, students will need to wear a face covering.


  • Vendors and county warehouse employees will have specifically designated areas to make deliveries out of the student traffic areas.
  • No personal deliveries will be allowed during the school day. This includes the following: food, flowers, balloons, schoolwork, and other similar items.


  • Hand sanitizer will be made available throughout the school building to include classrooms, cafeteria, and gymnasiums.
  • After class changes, desks and frequently touched areas will be sanitized.
  • Class equipment that will need to be used by multiple students will be sanitized after each use.
  • Restrooms will be sanitized every two hours while students are present. Frequently touched areas such as doorknobs, tabletops, stair rails, faucet handles, toilet handles, playground equipment, light switches, desks, chairs, kitchen countertops, cafeteria and service tables will be sanitized on an established schedule and each evening. Each classroom will be misted each evening with an approved disinfectant.

All Schools

  • School administration will communicate campus-specific arrival and dismissal procedures.
  • Alternate water sources will be made available as water fountains are not be used. Students may bring a reusable water container. Disposable cups will also be available.
  • School-wide assemblies are suspended until further notice.
  • Parent meetings such as IEP or SAT will be conducted either by phone or through virtual means such as Microsoft Teams.