College Credit

Advanced Placement Program

Taking Advanced Placement courses in high school can send a powerful message to colleges that you’re ready for them. A number of studies show that students who take AP courses are much more likely to complete college. In an effort to strengthen our AP program, Putnam County Schools has enacting some AP initiatives.

  • Students who take AP courses will earn a weighted grade for each course. Weighted grades make it possible for students’ grade point averages to rise above a 4.0.
  • Each student enrolled in an AP course will take the corresponding exam for the course. AP exams allow students to gain credit or advanced standing in college.
  • AP exams are scored from 1 to 5, with a score of 3 considered passing at many colleges. Putnam County students who earn a 3 or better on an exam will be refunded the full cost (approximately $83).

Students who would like to take an AP course can see a counselor to enroll or to ask questions. Please feel free to visit The College Board for more Advanced Placement information.

Early College Credit

Eligible high school students are able to begin accruing college credit by enrolling in courses offered by local institutions at Putnam County Schools sites. For more information, please contact Doug Cross at 586-0500 ext. 1145.