Research shows that regular school attendance is vital to academic success and that student achievement improves with good attendance. Students must attend school regularly and be on time to classes in order to maximize instructional benefits. Additionally, regular school attendance and punctuality develop self-discipline and responsibility. Not only is school attendance compulsory, but it should also be encouraged and expected.

Putnam County Schools will cooperate with parents and students to try to improve their children's attendance, but parents and students must assume ultimate responsibility for regular school attendance.


Absence - not being present in class or approved school activity. Any student who is physically absent from school must be counted absent.

Excused absence - (1) illness/injury verified by a medical excuse; (2) death in the immediate family (limited to three days per death); (3) legal or religious obligation; (4) failure of bus to run (note from bus driver or parent may be required); (5) approved school activities; and (6) parent notes (up to ten days per year)

Unexcused absence - any absences not covered above. Suspension days are unexcused absences

Early departure - any time a parent or guardian receives permission to sign out a student prior to the end of the instructional day

Skipping - any absence from school/class and/or approved school activity without administrative permission

Tardiness - entry to school or class after the designated starting time

Verification - written documentation explaining absences. Verification is due upon return to school.

Parent Notification Process

3 Absences
On the third (3rd) unexcused absence, parents or guardians will receive written notification from the school. Parents may schedule a conference with school officials, and schools may offer services to help keep students in school.

5 Absences
On the fifth (5th) unexcused absence, the Putnam County Schools Attendance Coordinator sends a legal notice advising of the consequences should the student continue to accumulate unexcused absences.

More than 10 Absences
If the student, including those who are 18 years of age or older, and parent or guardian does not comply with the provisions of the five (5) day legal notice, a notification for a hearing concerning the students attendance will be mailed by the Magistrate Court of Putnam County. Failure to appear or comply before the Magistrate Court may result in a warrant for the arrest of the parent, student or both.Applications to attend a school other than the home school can be found under Parents and Attendance Zones.

Homebound Instruction

Putnam County Schools provides homebound instruction for students who have been approved by a licensed physician who specializes in the health condition to be absent for a period of three (3) or more weeks based upon the following criteria:

  • students with injuries, communicable illnesses, or health problems/conditions, which includes regular education students and disabled students;
  • students who are temporarily removed from school while undergoing evaluation required by safe schools violations, and
  • students who have been expelled from school.

Depending on the illness, there may be a need for a second opinion before homebound instruction is approved. Students who are absent from school for emotional conditions must have their homebound application signed by a psychiatrist and a treatment plan must be in place. When all three sections of the homebound application have been completed, parents/guardians will be notified regarding the start of homebound instruction.

If homebound instruction is prolonged, a written statement by a licensed physician who specializes in the health condition must be resubmitted at least every three months.