Recommended Calculator


Math teachers at GWMS highly recommend each child purchase their own scientific calculator. The preferred model is the Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS. (We prefer the calculators to NOT be multiview. The TI 30XIIS multiview has different buttons and functions that make instruction difficult.) The TI 30X IIS is a solar, scientific, and inexpensive calculator. Having their own personal calculator enables students to become familiar with all the different functions/buttons throughout the school year and also be able to use the same calculator from class to class, and for homework. We appreciate all parents who have purchased calculators for their students. It is a small, but worthwhile, investment that students can use throughout their entire middle school experience.

Here is a link to the TI website. Calculators can be purchased directly from them online for $13.99 (no need to run around town trying to find the right one!) It also has a link to find a local store (Walmart, Staples, Rite Aid, K-Mart, etc.)