After School Programs

After school tutoring and assignment recovery are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:07- 5:30 pm. Students are provided a snack and bus transportation is available on the activity bus, which is limited to main routes. Please fill out the form below if you want your student to participate.

Drop off Points

Red House/Hometown Area

  • Washington Park (The Grove) above Hometown (turn around point)
  • Archie's Place (across from Hometown Tire)
  • Hillbilly Mart (Jay's Country Store) - Red House Hill
  • Fire Station - Red House Hill
  • Old Liberty Store - Red House Hill

Buffalo Area

  • Gritt's - Midway
  • Buffalo High School
  • Mouth of 18 Mile Creek
  • Mouth of Manilla Creek (turn around area)

Students who live along any of these routes may be dropped off at their home.

After School Tutoring

Students are provided help on their individual academic assignments. Please contact the teachers below to set up tutoring before attendance.

6th grade: Mr. Allison

7th grade: Mrs. Fellure

8th grade: Mrs. Adkins

After School Recovery

Students are assigned to make-up incomplete or missing assignments, and it must be approved by teacher and parent before the day of attendance. 

After School Academic Program Form