Contact School

Have a question or concern? Need to contact the office or a teacher about an assignment or upcoming event? Please feel free to email the principal or call to book an appointment so that we can help go over any pressing issues or concerns you might have.

General Information:

    P.O. Box 680
    Eleanor, WV 25070
    Phone (304) 586-2184
    Fax (304) 586-4275

    Principal: Twyla Melton E-mail the principal
    Secretary: Marcia Plona

To report student absence or transportation change:

Call 304-586-2184

Jennifer ReynoldsPKEmail Mrs. Marshall
Allison ChildersKEmail Mrs. Childers
Lori HaggertyKEmail Mrs. Haggerty
Mary Jo Jividen1stEmail Mrs. Jividen
Samantha Coleman1stEmail Mrs. Coleman
Shanda Boggess2ndEmail Mrs. Boggess
Helen Durgin2ndEmail Mrs. Durgin
Amy Landers3rdEmail Mrs. Landers
Donna Lester3rdEmail Mrs. Lester
Casey Templeton 3rd Email Miss Templeton
Rebecca Marcantel4thEmail Mrs. Marcantel
Alicia Skeens4thEmail Mrs. Skeens
Jill Burgess5thEmail Mrs. Burgess
Rachel Gallagher5thEmail Mrs. Gallagher
Megan PoseyResourceEmail Miss Posey
John SteadmanMusicEmail Mr. Steadman
Shad RidleyPhysical EducationEmail Mr. Ridgley